are we a good fit? here's a little about me.


I'm someone who will make you drive 2 hours just to get to an incredible location while listening to Childish Gambino at volume level 5,000. 

I'm someone who will encourage you to run full-speed without hesitation into cold ocean water to change up the scenery (i'll be in there too, of course). 

I'm someone who loves and welcomes every person from every walk of life into my world. You're safe here, you're welcome here. You're free to celebrate your love here, whatever that may look like (and i'm gonna celebrate it with you). 

I'm someone that will follow you wherever you go if you decide to elope, and i'll be screaming internally (or just out loud) because I know that marrying the love of your life is the most incredible feeling you can imagine. 

I'm someone you can call 2 years after you tie the knot because I know that marriage is hard work, and you need a pep talk from a friend.  

I'm someone who will push you out of your comfort zone, because I know you'll thank me for it later.

I'll be your biggest hype-man at your wedding when you're dancing to Beyoncé.

I'll cry with you when you say your vows, when you have your first kiss, when you see your baby for the first time...

I'm interested in photographing the madly-in-love couples, the excited ones. The ones that I can truly consider my friends for years and years to come.

Your photographer shouldn't just be another vendor you have at your wedding - they should be an extra guest that you want there for more reasons than the way they edit their photos. 

With that said, let's get coffee or a drink (on me) and figure out if we're as compatible as I think we will be. I'm not a very traditional photographer, so you're not going to look like robots with me yelling "tilt your head down!" With some guidance, you'll be going with the motions I give you and you'll forget you're even having your photo taken. Just hanging out with your bff, listening to music, making some cool memories. Cheers!