Modern In-Home Newborn Session in the City of Angels by Tarynne Webb

Sometimes you have to help style your clients, and sometimes they bring the style alllll on their own. This gorgeous in-home newborn session was perfectly curated by Whitney, who is a self-proclaimed vintage furniture's to hoping she opens her shop soon! It's obvious that every detail was hand-picked and has purpose. Here's proof that a nursery doesn't have to be blue or pink! 


Dreamy Sunset Session with Kelli + Antonio by Tarynne Webb

I hosted a giveaway recently, and Kellie and Antonio were kind enough to let me take their pictures! They were also down to get in the water in their suits when it was like 60 degrees outside, so let's just say I'm eternally grateful for super down clients. Audrina was kind enough to give us some swimsuits by Prey Swim to show off in the process. I thiiiiink Kelli killed it, but you be the judge.