28 years young with a strong great-dane obsession and 10+ years in the biz. I’ll meet you for coffee and probably talk your ear off about your wedding day. I feed off of human connection and I cannot wait to capture your love story, whatever that may look like - all are welcome here.

Do you like text threads of dog photos? Can you also quote any episode of the Office? Are you so sarcastic that you sometimes question your own existence? Let’s be friends. None of those things? That’s cool, we’ll work on it. 

Your photographer shouldn't just be another vendor you have at your wedding - they should be an extra guest that you want there for more reasons than the way they edit their photos. I’m someone who will encourage you to run full-speed without hesitation into cold ocean water for the perfect shot (and I’ll jump in too, of course). I’m someone who will celebrate your love and your marriage through the good and the bad because honestly, sometimes, it’s just hard. I’m someone who will push you out of your comfort zone, because I know you’ll thank me for it later. I’ll be your biggest hype-man when you’re dancing to Beyonce at your wedding. I’ll cry with your dad during his toast, because it hits home every time.

I’m not a very “traditional” photographer, so I’ll tell you right off the bat that if you want someone who will pose you like a mannequin until the sun has set, that’s not me. What I WILL do is give you some cues and some guidance, and before you know it, you'll forget you're even having your photo taken. Just hanging out with your bff, listening to music, making some cool memories. With that said, let's get coffee or a drink (on me) and figure out if we're as compatible as I think we will be.